Knight, Death, and the Devil. Engraving by Albrecht Dürer, 1513.

A Gallery Of My Own

It got me thinking about where I want my own work to end up. Right now my writing is mostly on notebook pages and in my head. Not exactly a well-known gallery.

A Note From The Past

A few weeks ago my dad got an email from a friend he hadn’t seen in quite awhile. The friend was emailing on behalf of mutual friend of theirs who lived in Chicago. It had been even longer since my dad had seen this mutual friend. Long enough that neither of them had an email address, or even a phone number, to get in touch.

Album Cover Fame

This was part of a series of prints that my dad did while he and my mom lived out in Washington state.

What’s There To Worry About?

That got me thinking again about my own work. I’m normally reluctant to publish it in places like Medium, or anywhere online, really, because I don’t think a lot of it is worth publishing. I like to reflect on it on my own. But I’m also a little scared. Scared that I’ll look back at it and just shake my head.

Looking Back and Smiling

But he does wish that he could look at them now. And there is only one way to get better at something. By doing it. Over and over. And hopefully, I will look back at my writing and wince a little. Because that will mean I’ve gotten better. I’ve grown.

Reader, writer, content provider. Fan of hand-made guitars, racket-based sports, and houseplants. You can find me in St. Louie.

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